Healing at the Bookstore

It was late winter. She had been suffering from right shoulder pain for years – five or more. This day, it was particularly excruciating.
“I went into Christian Gifts Outlet to get a card,” this COK member who asked to not be named said. “They were in there first and walking to the checkout counter,” she explained of two COK prayer warriors. “Right away he asked, ‘What can I pray for you for today?’ and I immediately grabbed my right shoulder with my left hand.”
Reenacting the grab of her shoulder, this sister described the struggle she’s had with her joint. She explained the frustration of not being able to lift her arm which affected her daily life. Reaching for things in the kitchen was impossible. Much of life was hindered – oh, how we take mobility of all kinds for granted.
Surgery was always an option but not one she wanted to rely on. Rotator cuff surgery comes with 6-8 weeks in a sling and months of rehabilitation after that. And, it’s immensely painful itself. She wanted to avoid it, if at all possible, and had been praying for healing for quite some time. The Lord had not yet answered that prayer affirmatively and now the pain was worse than ever before. She needed help immediately.
“I was in horrible pain. I’ve experienced labor pains and this is the worst pain I’ve ever had. It was really starting to concern me.” This is why she did not hesitate when asked what to pray for, and she believes it was all because the Lord was preparing to heal her.
Right there in the middle of the store with arms around her in a huddle, three COK family members entered into the Throne Room together. Customers and clerks joined in.
“It was a lengthy prayer. We were there for at least 10, maybe 15 minutes. Praise God [this prayer warrior] is comfortable doing that with others around. The words just came to him,” she described noting that he must’ve been led by the Holy Spirit.
He prayed in Jesus’ Name for her healing, naming the pain and being very specific of her need.
“The next morning, I got up and – even brushing my teeth had been a problem – but it didn’t hurt. I realized I could go a little further and a little further, raising my arm,” she described of discovering her healing. “I’d say I’m 99.5% healed; I just get a little sore after lifting heavy things. The most amazing thing is raising my arm without screaming.”
Continuing, she described God’s providence: “It’s in His time, not yours. This was not a coincidence. As Fr. Chuck says, there’s no coincidence. I was meant to go there that day at that time.”
This beloved sister’s healing is truly miraculous. The Lord is moving in our midst, COK, in us and through us. Let us be encouraged and, above all, let us give Him all the glory!  Amen!